Gooby’s birthday! 🐶 + Pão de queijo bake sale! 🍞🧀

Recent I’ve been on a baking spree with my staff! We tried making so many things – cream puffs, eggs tarts, and most recently Pão de queijo!

It looks like maggot batter before baking. But that’s the gud stuff. We really went all out with the CHEESE.

And after trying a few times, we’ve finally found the perfect ratio of our cheese blend. Not too salty, but still stretchy af. It’s legit, trust me.

But sorry it looks like maggots. I’m sorry 😂😂

But after baking, they looks like perfect little golden domes ✨ The darker specks you see are the melted parmesan KILL MAE.

These are Brazilian Cheese Buns; they’re super crusty on the outside, by goddem chewy inside 🤤

What’s all these BS without a video right.

I mean just look at that tear……

The smell, the texture, the taste.. just mind-blowing. I had like five that day. 3 at shop and 2 more at home. And one more for breakfast then next day.


So anyways, I posted the above video on IG and we received SO MANY enquiries about these pãos!

So we are gonna do a mini bake sale this Saturday, from 11am to 2pm. I don’t wanna say 10am to 6pm cos very honestly speaking, if I bake these in the morning and you collect them at 6pm, you’re not getting the gud shit 😆


Ok la drama aside, but purely from a foodie point of view, these are really best eaten fresh. Like out of the oven fresh. So on this Sat, they will be ready by batches, hourly 😌

I’ll still be taking in preorders but do indicate your ideal time slot – 11am / 12pm / 1pm / 2pm. I strongly urge you to be on time so you can really eat it fresh and krai 😭

Same thing, WhatsApp us to preorder 📲 97482420


Today is a very special day because..

My Gooby turns 9!! 🤩

Happy birthday baobei, today you turn 9 😌

When mami first adopted you, I never imagined life to turn out like that.

The tiring baths, mandatory poop walks, painful body scratches, expensive vet bills.. 🤩

But what I get in return is unconditional love, indescribable joy, free doggy facials & cuddly nights in bed that I would trade nothing for :’)

Thank you for coming into my life.. and fighting for yours. You’ve been thought A LOT but you always emerge a stronger fighter :’)))

You’ve taught mami so much, gugubie. I thank you and love you so much 🙆🏻‍♀️

Heaven is probably a nice place but don’t go there so early ok? I don’t know how much time we have left with every birthday ( so bittersweet) but mami will continue to give you a gud life for as long as I live.

Let’s never give up. ❤️


Since today will be a busy work day for me, I pleaded with the sisters to take leave ytd so we could bring Gooby to the beach! 😁

Sanks for the 配合 y’all are the bez hehe 🙆🏻‍♀️
@missanpan @jieyiwong

This boy was so eggcited the moment we arrived in Sentosa lolol. Walked like a turbo speed train 😅

We found a nice empty spot on Siloso Beach & put down our stuff (bought the mats from NTUC haha) but to my horror, Gooby started eating sand like crazy!!!

Like he legit KEPT LICKING SAND off the ground wtf is it like damn yummy 🙀

He was also panting like siao cos the afternoon sun was SO HOT! We kept feeding him water and he drank and drank zomg 👅

“Lemme go bij, we can tek photos layder, I wanna go to the biginee baybs!!!”


He was eggcited to explore the beach so we thought yay, he gonna love the water! But nuuu lol. Gugubie hated the sea!!

Dat moment before doom 😂😂😂

He was alr clawing my shoulders the moment his ass hit the water but we still let him go so he can try try.

It was so cute to see him swimming la!!! My Gooby is a natural 😭 Dogs are so amazing aren’t they!!

But then, I stupidly forgot to get him a life vest & with his weaker hind legs, he struggled to stay afloat and sometimes his head would go under the water!

My poor baby 😩

He’d paddle a bit then always swim back to us!!

He looked like a drowning rat the whole time, desperate for hugs lolol. We were very tickled 😂

Like dis 😂😂😂

And dis 🤣🤣🤣

Plus when I see him so sked I’ll think he damn kelian leh aww. So I faster reach out to hold him and make him feel safe. If not like he will think his mami want to drown him right 😅

“I already said, do not let me go!”


“I tell eb aunty not to lemme go but she still sneaky all go lie down I legit sank yunno wtf mami HALP ME.”

He was just too hilarious leh walauuu. This Gooby todali doesn’t appreciate being in the water AT ALL. He hates it like he hates bath time at home! 🤦🏻‍♀️

When paranoia sets in and you still swimming for your lyfe even when you alr out of water 🤣

Sigh pie my baby. Todali didn’t enjoy his swim lolol. So in the end we brought him up to chill with Mahoo aunty while ling & I went back into the water to cool off for a bit 💦

Went back up to nua & eat junk fud with Mahoo and.. stop Gooby from eating sand zomg 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Love y’all my sisters!! 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️

Is it beach babe 😍

Don’t say don’t have @icetallmilk I give you gud deal.

$5 for whatsapp quality
$10 for high res raw
$20 for high res edited
$0 you screenshot this yourself


This beach bummin’ life is gud 🌴🐶🌤

Sorry I lazy to crop square hahaha. But check out Gooby’s 小鸡腿 on my belly 🍗🍗

D’awwwwww too cute I kent 🤩

He was damn curious about my shades so I let him borrow them for a bit LOLOL! He looks so heppi to be on land though hahaha zbj.

Super love this pic that eb aunty took for us!! ❤️

Beach hair is so.. love hate. It looks nice and messy when you’re there but after that you almost rip your scalp apart trying to untangle those knots 😆

The sun was getting unbearably hot by 2pm plus so we decided to pack up and zao 😅

We all forgot about sunblock and turned so red wtf. Currently paying the painful price for it 😭

Gooby KO-ed on the car ride home and after his shower, he slowly walked into my room and looked at me.

“Mami let’s go to bed???”

And he concussed the moment I carried him up HAHAHA. Poor baobao so tired 😌

My precious baby zomg my heart is exploding. I’m not sure if he had fun, but at least it was a new experience for him, and a gud memory for all of us 🙂

Feeling a bit sed now as the day is coming to an end.. which means it’s time for me to start making my way to the airport..

To send my ahlao off 💔

The last two weeks have been awesome (like super) and we spent lots of time together.. Even while running house/wedding errands, I was so happy just being with ahlao..

I even made a mental note to myself (while basking in happiness at those point of times) to let these heppi times tide me through and hopefully I won’t feel too sed or cry at the airport when I have to send him off..

But I’m alr crying at shop (thinking about ahlao leaving) while drinking my soup rn & for some reason it tastes like shit 😞😞

I can never get used to this can I. I hate farewells and I hate farewells especially with ahlao. It just sucks so much. SO. MUCH.


But oh well life goes on and it’s time to take out my metal hart sigh. I know he always worries about me when I’m sed but well I kent halp it can I!! 😪

Can’t wait to hug the shit outta him later.

I left my rings in shop 😢😢

Wedding favours + Day out with Boss! 🤩

Hi guys! 😃

I had such a gud sleep last night so I’m right back here with more rewind updates HAHAHAHA.

Continuing from where I left off:

I stayed over at Ahpei’s place the night after his friend’s housewarming & we went for our first wedding meeting with Linda the next day to discuss details about our wedding favours!

She very kindly reached out to me a couple months back and offered to sponsor our wedding favours – organic handmade soaps!! 😍

So we were meeting for her to show us some sample designs & scents, so we can customise our very own soap bar for our guests. From scent, colour, design, shape, size.. it will be handpicked by us hehe so eggciting! 🤗

I’m not very gud with soap terms but according to Linda, every soap bar is lovingly made by her ahlao & herself! And they use the cold process method, with 100% natural, non-toxic, chemical free aroma products.

Not obliged to share but I was very touched by Linda’s business story:

Background story is, her children suffer from very sensitive skin and they had really bad rashes on their bodies, especially when the weather was shitass & regular shower foams caused the rashes to become even worse.

Desperate for a solution, Linda and her husband researched on essential oils and made their own organic soaps which have healing properties and are mild on the skin. And their babies got better!! :’))

I was really heppi to see her boys that day too 😊 oh Linda and I go way back; she was actually my kek customer!! And now she’s making my wedding favours haha. Fate is so amazing 💓

I will never forget that fateful day when I received her desperate text cos she baked a kek for her son’s birthday and accidentally smashed the whole thing!! 😭

So I baked her a last minute kek and we put a teletubby on it. His favourite yellow one! 🤣

So anyway back to her organic soaps! She brought some samples in a few different scents for us to sniff sniff look look and zomg, they were all so pretty?!

Is it even weird that I want to eat them?? Look like kueh sia!! And they smell, SO. GOOD.

My favourite one was the lavender and coconut bar!! Legit sound like can eat wtf 🤤

Textures 😍😍

Lemme show you some more from her IG page ( purely out of my own accord lol cos I’m obsessed with the colours.

It’s cray.

这能吃的吗!! 😛😛

Flavours are aplenty too! Wait, I mean scents HAHAHAHA is it really want to eat lol 🤦🏻‍♀️

There’s eucalyptus, cedarwood, tea tree, lemongrass, grapefruit, rose, lavender, lime, etc etc etc. LIKE MANY SCENTS I kent even rmb alr 😆

Some really remind me of a spa! Showering with those confirm every day feel like going for a spa or massage fml lol 🤣

What’s even more amazing is Linda also DESIGNS jewellery for aroma therapy (@luxeairewellness) & her husband MAKES them wtf yes you read it right cos Linda can’t sacrifice her manicure so HER HUSBAND makes them!!! 🙀🙀

If you look closely, these jewellery all come with a ball shaped locket where you can keep a little furry sponge ball inside!

So what you do is, drip a few drops of your preferred essential oils on it so you can literally ‘wear your scent’!

And the locket charms are Pandora compatible hehe 😏😏

I’m actually not a necklace person (I don’t even wear one on a regular basis!!) but Linda picked a really simple one and encouraged me to try it on 😅

And I actually like it! I’m in love with the simplicity of the design cos the stoppers (those 4 beads) are adjustable, so the style is actually very versatile!

And it’s not too chunky nor chingchong plus it doesn’t makes my neck look fatter than it alr is! Since I’m probably wearing a simple gown on my wedding day, sth like this would be perf! #dayrebrides can consider!! 🙂

Can’t wait to meet Linda again to customise one for my wedding day!! 🤩

Wedding meeting ended late cos we got too carried away with all the nice things 🤩🤩

Grabbed Burger King for lunch in the car and we drove to our next meeting destination lol. It was a mad rush that day!! 🚗💨

All the way to Ubi to settle Ahlao’s car insurance thing lolol.

Why here, cos Ling works here & her boss is Ahlec’s bro and also now Ahpei’s friend after they were all groomsmen together 😂

As you can see, Ben is very camera shy HAHAHA.

But it was really easier to speak with someone you know to give you the best advice with more transparency hehe. Ben was really helpful and we were done in a while cos he’d be helping us settle everything! 👍🏼

Since we were around the area, we dropped by Star Living to look at furniture but unfortunately the selection there was quite limited and we didn’t really see anything we like! 😦

Spent the afternoon looking at a few more shops, ran some work errands with ahlao, before chionging all the way back to the north to have dinner with the family.

My aunt made Assam Laksa & invited us over!

Her laksa is to die for 🤤🤤🤤

I was so excited to finally let Ahpei try her cooking and he loved it!! 😁

We had such a gud time feasting, talking & laughing. It was a very nice Sunday 💓💓

Full attendance including Boss! It was perf ❤️

The next day was a Monday and we all took time off work to spend the day with boss!

Had lunch at Astons! The express lunch is too worth it lolol. $13.9 for our mains and we get to eat EVERYTHING from the salad bar.

Only thing is, you have to eat within an hour. Which is quite comfortable and more than enough actually 💁🏻‍♀️

They even have tortilla chips & guac! 🥑

But coriander haters beware, this one got damn a lot :(( I kena one stem and I died wtf.

Grilled fish was bagus.

Grilled chicken thigh WAS BAGUS 🤤

Despite the reallyyyyy hot weather, we brought her to walk walk around the Marina Bay area. As if she’s not tan enough 😆😆

With Mahoo! 😊

And laoniang wo.

Headed to Gardens By The Bay & it was so pretty 😍😍

I love Singapore so much 🇸🇬

It was so hot that nya nya’s glasses turned black 😂😂

Typical Filipino helper pose – touch flower 🤣🤣 @missanpan @jieyiwong

We always make fun of boss for taking pictures with plants and tree since we were kids HAHAHAHA damn mean but it never gets old 😂

Self sacrificial big face selfie.

Wtf stand at the back also biggest face I give up 🤷🏻‍♀️


If you can’t tell, we are sisters 😂

Actually the three of us don’t look alike at all (IMO) and tbh we’ve never gotten those “omg you look like your sister!!” comments from anyone yet lol.

It’s like I don’t look like ling, ling doesn’t look like Mahoo, and Mahoo doesn’t look like me. And we don’t look like our parents too 😂😂


We were joking about coming up with a hashtag for bias and Nya nya killed us with the #NaiInSing suggestion BAHAHAHA. Zomg we legit hyperventilate for five minutes.


She was literally holding her pee in cos she couldn’t stop laughing!!!! She just kept wheezing 🤣🤣

Boss’s last day was quite short since we only had the afternoon with her..

Well actually nya nya accompanied her back to Bukit Panjang to visit her old friends (back in the days they waited outside our primary school gate tgt HAHA) in the morning haha but I was sleeping oops 🤭

Lunched at 新旺 & we surprised nya nya and boss with an advance birthday celebration! 🎂

Happy birthday (again) 我的妈妈 🙆🏻‍♀️❤️

Aww time to go in 😦

Bringing home an extra bag even though she only stayed four days 😂

The folks randomly wanted a picture with these dogs HAHAHA so I grant their wish 🐶

Awwwww final family portrait before boss went in. Time passed so quickly this time la 😭

But it was really great reconnecting with her after so long!! ❤️

Rewind – Welcoming Boss + Ling’s wedding! ❤️

If anyone is still around to read..

HI! 👋🏼

I know I haven’t been around for some time.. but if you’ve tried juggling work, a wedding and new house at the same time, IS 很累 ONE 😂

I’ve been accumulating so much info and pictures that I don’t even know how to start.

Every place we go to, every dish we eat, I take a picture cos ‘later I want to dayre’ but then I’ve also kinda gotten used to not dayre-ing so it just snowballs..

All dat procrastination lol. Sigh this must stop!

I miss writing so much.. but then again it really takes a lot of time and effort to vomit all my thoughts here. Thank you for sticking around!

I’m finally back 🤩

But please be prepared for a long ass post cos I’m really spamming bits and pieces from here and there! 🙈


If you’ve been following my IG/IG stories, you’d know that some time back in March, Ling had her wedding and we invited our ex-helper (we call each other Boss 😂) back to join the celebration!

Boss took care of us for 21 years, since I was a baby. She went back to the Philippines in 2010, and we invited her back for a short vacation once in 2012. It’s been 6 years since we saw each other and it felt like forever!!

On the day of her arrival, all of us (including the folks!!) took time off work to give her a warm welcome at the airport.


BBIL took this shot of us waiting line eager puppies lol. Legit is my hart can explode.

The moment boss walked through that door,


The 感情 we share with our helper might seem a bit unusual to some.. since she’s ‘only a maid’ right.

Haha well when I was very much younger, I also told my friends about boss and referred to her as ‘my maid’ lolol 😅

But from day one, Baba Mama taught us to respect boss like our 长辈, because she left her own family to come take care of our family.

Growing up, we never really saw her as a maid; she’s like half a mother to all of us :’)

We ate at the same dining table, watched tv on the same sofa, slept on the same bed.. She knows us inside out – our best friends, our not so best friends, our secrets, the lies we told our parents.. 😂😂

So anyways! We brought her back home to put down her stuff, before heading to redhill market to have her favourite food – chicken rice!! 🐔🍚

Nya Nya giving updates, updates, and more updates 😆

Baba went all out with the orders lol!! 2 whole chickens for the 7 of us including BBIL! It was madness and we were SO FULL.

But anything for boss 😊

Brought her up tot he rooftop to chill after dinner 🙂


Even gugubie was heppi!!

He didn’t seem to recognise boss after so long though haha. My Gooby also old already 😅

Supper was tupig!! This is a traditional Filipino 小吃 I guess! It’s glutinous rice!

All the goodies from Philippines hehehehe 🤤

Next day, we got off work early and came home to nua! Here’s Gooby looking all tame 😂

Boss is too in love with him!! 😆

It was nice as we lay in bed talking about the past 😌 Can’t believe 20 over years flew by so quickly..

Now we can’t even fit into a bed properly so ME SO GROWN 🤣

Had a simple 元宵节 dinner with boss that night!

Ended our meal with these sweet sweet Filipino mangoes as we got ready for..

Ling’s wedding! 👰🏻

Stupid girl changed into her stupid Elmo pyjamas for the hair combing ceremony 😆

My baby sister is all grown up and going to get married…….

But is still a moron 🙄🤣

Sticking to traditions haha.

I am not very eggcited for my turn cos apparently you’re not supposed to wash your hair after 上头 and since mine is a lunch wedding, it means I won’t get to wash my hair from 8/9pm the night before until after my wedding at about 5/6pm the next day, cos I won’t have time to shower in between.


One half hold ruler, one hand hold mirror, cos traditions. #dontaskmewhy #medontknow

Ling went to bed pretty early and surprisingly I was the one having a sleepless night 😅

Went to sleep at 1am and dragged myself out of bed at 4am to help with the preparations.

Mahoo & myself were bridesmaids too!

Caught a rather funny bridesmaids moment hahaha!

Breakfast for ahlec and the boys HEHEHEHE 😈

Don’t be fooled by that mini green heart; it’s a cookie sandwich and I piled a whole lotta wasabi in between 🙊🙊

But baba did a great job cutting it! 🐽

We were off to a dramatic start when BBIL and his brothers turned up in their Star Wars get up. With lightsabers and huge guns all.


I was in my full-on bridesmaid tekan mode when one of them removed his mask and I SAW AHLAO!

Wabiang my hart stopped wtf. He’s not supposed to be there?!! Somemore the night before I was texting him till late and I todali thought he was still asleep 😑

And I KNOW the other guy who’s supposed to be the groomsman!! But people is nurse so he was busy saving lives and so ahlao was called to be a last minute back up! In hopes of bribing me.


But dang, let’s take a moment to appreciate ahlao wearing suspenders 😍😍

Back to gatecrash, the boys todali choked on my wasabi sandwiches big time!! 🤮

Probably my one and only chance to bully BBIL so of course must go all out right 😈

His chin ended up with a dark red bruise that day! Whoops! 🙊

But to be fair, I did this to every one of the boys okay, including my ahlao!! 😆

Fast forward to ahlec entering the room to receive Ling @missanpan 💓

Wah this dude kent even. He cried like a girl!!! He just kent stahp zomggg made me teary too :’)

MY HART ❤️❤️

Hugeeeeee pig cos we Cantonese 🤗

Silly ahlao put his hand there to show y’all the size hahaha. It’s a whopping 18kg pig guys!

The middle portion was served to family members at the banquet and Ahlec had to bring home the head and ass #dontaskmewhy 🤷🏻‍♀️

The whole entourage went to Emerald Hill for some photos before heading to the hotel for the next round of prep.

I was slowly entering coma mode 😆

But let’s take another moment to appreciate these broad shoulders and wide chest 🤣🤣

Banquet went really well & Ling looked like a fairy 😍😍😍 While I’m here just praying I won’t look like a cow thank you.

I was shuttling here and there the whole time cos of emcee duties but it was quite a fun experience!

And at the corner of my eyes I always see ahlao looking at me with full admiration and hearts in his eyes when I’m on stage HAHAHAHAHA is it shameless bij 🤩

Always my biggest fan ☺️💋

Funny moment came when ahlao took out our angbao and he wrote there:


I todali laughed out when I saw that la!!

Like hello?!! Are you giving away your wife nao!!! 😆 Is it marry me off hahaha 🤣🤣

Ahlao’s excuse is that in his brain only got JIEHUI and no one else lolol ok la forgive you la 😂

3 March was such a beautiful day. We were so tired after everything but I loved every moment of it #notevenmywedding lol 🤣

Ahlao drove us home after the wedding (it was a lunch) and I showered and freshened up before we left for his friend’s housewarming party.

Love meeting ahlao’s friends cos we always have such a jolly time together! And it’s a bonus when they have dogs HAHAHAHA I just kidnap all of the doggies 🤤🤤

Omg ok this took longer than I expected so imma end here and continue the rest in my next post!

But maybe in a couple days cos tmr we are bringing gugubie to the beach to celebrate his birthday! 😃

I love sisters date and I’m sure we are gonna have lots of fun! I hope gugubie enjoys himself too hehe 🐶💦

Goodnight everyone! 🤗

2111 : Feeding my pig 😁

I’m not the best chef ever but cooking for ahlao brings me lots of satisfaction hahaha. When he texted that he hasn’t had dinner, I jumped out of bed to find stuff to cook. And I was nestled under my comfy quilt already ok!!

Dat motivation is real lol 😅

Bakesale! + Astons with ahlao!

Wew it’s finally bake sale day! 🙌🏼

Thankful for the folks for helping me with packing the kek slices; more hands less work hehe.

The 6 flavours available today! Can you spot the new kek? 😃


C O F F E E ☕️

The flavour is on point and damn gao, slightly bitter but SUPERRR aromatic. I’m not a coffee person but my nya nya digs this so much 😆

We still have limited slices available today!
Honey Earl Grey & Speculoos are unfortunately already sold out (😟😟) but there’s:

2 x Oreo

3 x Coffee

2 x Berry Yoghurt

3 x Horlicks

Y’all may walk in to purchase anytime between 10am (which is nao lolol) to 4pm OR, whatsapp us at 97482420 to reserve for collection if you’re a bit more kiasu 😅

Can’t wait for work to end today cos we are going to visit yeye 🙂

It’s been a while since I went over, since CNY! Looking forward to dinner with the fam too 🤗

And since I’ve some time now, lemme dayre about my second fitting with The Wedding Crafters! 👰🏻

Which is NOT A GUD THING cos they just brought in so many new gowns that made me even more spoilt for choice!! 😫



So on Friday, Ahpei didn’t have work and we managed to spend the day together, which was great!! 😊

We started our day super early with an ID meeting lolol which I attended in auto pilot mode & let my ahlao do all the talking 😂

We’ve been repeating everything so many times; it IS kinda tiring. Plus I really cannot tahan the non-circulated air in the house. 热死!!

Dropped by Orchard to get my wedding band resized cos phat fingers are phat and the lack of air around my wedding band area is causing an allergy to act up and it’s so itchy and the skin is peeling lol. Is it free ring tattoo 😅

Lunch was at Astons! I’ve been wanting to bring Ahpei here cos I know he’d love the salad bar buffet thing. Btw it’s not only salad guys, there’s hot fud too!

Like onion ringsssss 😂😂

Somebody damn full cos early early go whack a whole bowl of tortilla chips LULLL I kent.

The struggle is real 😅

Took a walk around Marina Square to check out some electronics for #SungHouse after lunch since Gain City was in the area!

Questions for new home owners! What aircons do you guys use? 🙂 Two ticks and five ticks really no difference? And is 4K up really the standard rate for system 4? Would appreciate any input in the comments! 🙆🏻‍♀️

#dayrehomes #dayrereno

My kiddy ahlao wanted a selfie with the balloon sculptures lol ok can 🐼

Btw these are super impressive! There even were animals like flamingos & parrots!! Very very cool.

The whole place was filled with eggcited kids haha. Including the one beside me 🤭


BAKESALE + Weekend recap 😌

Hi guys!

Wew the weekend went past so quickly and it was honestly quite draining. In so many ways.

Decided to take Tuesday off since Ahpei didn’t have work so we literally chilled the whole day away.

More on that later 💦

Today’s baking situation 💪🏼

My troopers 🙌🏼

So anyways, it’s been some time since our last bake sale! I was thinking of making some kek slices for this Sunday! 😃😃

It won’t be a major major bake sale; I’ll just be making some of the favourites:




Berry yoghurt

Honey earl grey

And introducing a new flavour this time.. ☕️

✨ C O F F E E ✨

The bake sale version won’t be identical to this cos no ombré and no drip yup; this was customised ☺️

But yes, coffee lovers rejoice! I hope you give this kek a try and like it 🙂

We will be making cheese brownies too! 🍫🧀

These will be sold in 6 inch only, for $30 each 🙂 #GoobycakesBakeSale

Same thing, drop us a text via WHATSAPP, at 97482420 to place your pre-orders 📲

Collection can be done from 11am to 4pm, from our store at 3 Everton Park, 01-77 🤗

Now the weekend recap!

Ended work early on Saturday cos we had a meeting with one of the IDs.

The person remembered wrongly and was waiting for us at the showroom while we were waiting at Telok Blangah wtf lol.

Heng the showroom is nearby and the ID rushed down. But still zzz.

Fast forward all the meetings (omg they are so mentally draining haha), I was so sweaty by the time we were done.

Went home to take a shower before heading to the bank to settle some money issues.

Ahpei was chilling with gugubie on the sofa and I just had to take a few pics of these two cuties together la!! So rare! 😍😍😍

Tbh it was Gooby’s first time resting on Ahpei’s lap leh. Lol heck, it was the first time they ever sat on the sofa together lol 😅

Too precious must record milestone!!

Enjoying his neck massage hehe.

My hart was literally exploding the whole time. I kent 😭😭 Is this a glimpse of future life? Time faster pass please 🙏🏼

#ThisGooby is too heppi!!

His smile aww. He just nua there with his dehdi, smiling sooo cute zomgah. Dose eyes. Dose teef. Dat tongue. Dat nose. Dat phat bellie.

My hart kent ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

After settling our bank errands, we rushed to @sandydandy & @fitrikhamis’ new crib!

It’s nice to have new friends at this age and I’m so thankful for these two. House tour was fun and we learnt so many tips about house reno! 😁

Sandy made fresh guac and remembered to leave out the cilantro for me aww! So sweet of her hehe 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️

She also used Mexican avo and the guac was so creamy and gud; perfect with tortilla chips! 🥑👅

Baked seafood pasta with salmon, tiger prawns and scallops! 🤤

Wah I feel like such a VIPig sia, thank you for being so generous when hosting us @fitrikhamis @sandydandy 🙏🏼

And the legendary air fried chicken lolol 🍗🍗

Legit is know me damn well 😂 I always see this on Sandy’s Dayre and really is 流口水 hehe so thankful for chicken that day!

And salad too zomg. So much fud for 4 of us!!! 😆

We talked and laughed so much over dinner I can’t even. It was actually ahlao’s first time meeting these two but everyone hit it off so well; it was such a great evening! ❤️

Thank you for the amazing dinner and feeding us with all the home cooked fud! 🙆🏻‍♀️

I just realise we kind of have the same smile and cheek dimples! But wait till you see our ahlaos.

They look like twins here 🤣

Same outfit colour, same thick hair, same big smile, same hand sign even lolol.

Except eye size not very same 😂😂

And they were both drum majors in their school bands! What are the oods really leh!!

And Sandy and I both have a hilarious story cos we both thought drum major means play drums HAHAHA.

But then @fitrikhamis really does play the drums but ahlao plays the flute! 😆

We yakked from 7 till like past midnight and finally left at 1am lol wtf. It was madness and I felt my throat a bit dry hahaha 😅

While walking to the car, ahlao was like “Wah I talked so much today!!” 🤣🤣

It was such a fun gathering; I enjoyed myself so so sooo much thanks guys 💙❤️

Sunday wasn’t a very spectacular day so lez skip that.

Woke up in Ahlao’s place alone on Monday and ordered ubereats for a lonely lunch lol. Felt so overwhelmed by recent emotions that I was crying while eating lunch by myself.

It was ultimate shit ass.

I was filled with so much pent up frustrations and disappointment that I let myself indulge in a bit of a low point and let the tears flow. It was a sad lunch.

Certain things I can’t share with anyone or write here so I’ll just have to deal with it by myself. Such is life and what else can I do except suck it up and wait for myself to reach my limit before I jump off a cliff or sth.

Oh well. Good thing is, nothing lasts forever so shitty times will pass too. #selfconsole

Did some work on my laptop in the afternoon while waiting for ahlao to return. Had a simple dinner at Redhill Market before taking a walk to Tiong Bahru Plaza, were we caught The Black Panther.

It was nice to let my mind be engaged by something else finally. I was really thankful for that few laughs the movie managed to get out of me. For someone who doesn’t usually enjoy action movies, I really enjoyed the film 😌

Got home after midnight and I FINALLY reunited with my gugubie. I missed him SO MUCH 😢

Ahlao fell asleep almost instantly after his head hit my pillows and I just spent some time talking to Gooby, petting him. Days feel like weeks when I don’t see him 😔

Another milestone.

These two sharing a bed lol.

Like thanks for leaving any space for me haha 🤷🏻‍♀️

I tried to wake ahlao up a few times, to get changed. But he’s like a rock when he’s asleep lol. I didn’t really wanna push him so hard also since he was in deep sleep.. So I sat there on the floor and dozed off too cos I was so tired.

At about 3am, I stirred awake due to the body & butt aches lol and finally made ahlao wake up to change. I finally got to lie down and I fell asleep with ahlao hugging me.

Before I drifted off to sleep, I prayed for a better day to wake up to. And Tuesday was indeed better 🙏🏼

Woke up late in the morning and snacked on leftover CNY goodies lol. It was mad chill cos we just sat on the sofa & ate like hungry pigs 🐽

After our super unhealthy breakfast, Ahpei started his soldier game (he’s so addicted lol) & I fell back asleep on the sofa!! 😆

Eventually both of us went back to bed and slept for another few hours lol it was madness. But no one complains about having too much sleep right.

Stirred awake at 2pm cos it was so warm to be sleeping under a quilt in the afternoon lol 😅

We decided to go for a swim and have late lunch after working out. I was dying to be in the water cos I was so sticky!! 😩

Chill days be like 🙌🏼

The pool was not very crowded on a Tuesday afternoon thankfully, so it was conducive enough for a proper workout haha.

小孩 hahaha 😁

Ahpei said one shot jump in won’t feel so cold but it’s a lie guys. I jumped it and it was still freezing wtf.

Managed to clock a good half hour swim but didn’t hit 20 laps oopsie. And for every lap I swam, Ahpei did double lol wtf is it dolphin 😲

We spent some time laying on the day bed and for a moment it felt like we were on a vacation. Reminded us of those airbnb days in Bangkok 😌

Thankful for some quality time tgt on a weekday 💓

The weather wasn’t too warm too, it was a perfect, chill afternoon ⛅️

But poor ahlao very 怕冷 (he’s built only for summer days lol) so he started sneezing like crazy!


The sneezes kept coming lolol I kent even 🤣🤣

Wanted to chill there for a bit but I sked my ahlao freeze until become snowman so we left after a while 😅

Grabbed our wallets & finally went for a late lunch at redhill market again hahaha it’s the best place ever!!

Without even changing or drying ourselves 😆

We just walked there in our swimsuit & wet clothes lol legit #nohecksgiven 🤷🏻‍♀️

Walked a couple rounds and decided on curry rice. Todali sinned 🤭

Soooo legit tho 🤤🤤

And this was just $3 wtf. Came with a fried egg, heaping amount of cabbage, generous douse of curry gravy that wasn’t too spicy 👍🏼

Is it shiok until close eyes 😂😂

If you guys live around here, please try this! The stall name is BOON CURRY. It’s next to a fish soup stall. Don’t say I never share!

Anw redhill market is legit the best hawker centre ever. So many stalls look damn promising I need to trai dem all!! I’ve also tried one bak chor mee – the chef is damn young, probably the son – and he throws the noodles damn high he while he cooks.

Their noodles damn qq and not soggy! 🍜 Bagus. But shit la I didn’t take note of the stall name. It’s at the opposite row facing Boon Curry I think!

Post-lunch further indulgence 😆

We walked past a froot stall and decided to get some cheap durians to satisfy a sudden craving lolol.

Don’t expect much for this kinda $5 each durians – seed big big, flesh little little, tastes so so lol. I miss my combat durians!!!!! 😩

But still, it was fun seeing Ahpei open them hahaha. We got them for $12 for 3 btw! 😂

Baby seed.

Ok la this was from a very small corner piece haha. Not like a regular seed. Not so lucky please HAHAHAHA.

But so small and cute tho 🙂

If only msw has this kind of seeds.. 🤤

Our $12 loot from the market hehehe.

Ok la nubbad la. Enough for the whole family to share hehe. Cheap to satisfy a craving but it also triggered a big time gud durian craving lol 🌚

After meal further further indulgence!!!

What did I even swim for 🤦🏻‍♀️

I seldom ice cream but this was unexpectedly gud especially when I get the chocolate bits hahaha.

It was some Ben & Jerry’s flavour I have no idea what it’s called. But BBIL is a huge B&J fan and he constantly stocks their ice cream at our place lolol 😅