Wedding favours + Day out with Boss! 🤩

Hi guys! 😃

I had such a gud sleep last night so I’m right back here with more rewind updates HAHAHAHA.

Continuing from where I left off:

I stayed over at Ahpei’s place the night after his friend’s housewarming & we went for our first wedding meeting with Linda the next day to discuss details about our wedding favours!

She very kindly reached out to me a couple months back and offered to sponsor our wedding favours – organic handmade soaps!! 😍

So we were meeting for her to show us some sample designs & scents, so we can customise our very own soap bar for our guests. From scent, colour, design, shape, size.. it will be handpicked by us hehe so eggciting! 🤗

I’m not very gud with soap terms but according to Linda, every soap bar is lovingly made by her ahlao & herself! And they use the cold process method, with 100% natural, non-toxic, chemical free aroma products.

Not obliged to share but I was very touched by Linda’s business story:

Background story is, her children suffer from very sensitive skin and they had really bad rashes on their bodies, especially when the weather was shitass & regular shower foams caused the rashes to become even worse.

Desperate for a solution, Linda and her husband researched on essential oils and made their own organic soaps which have healing properties and are mild on the skin. And their babies got better!! :’))

I was really heppi to see her boys that day too 😊 oh Linda and I go way back; she was actually my kek customer!! And now she’s making my wedding favours haha. Fate is so amazing 💓

I will never forget that fateful day when I received her desperate text cos she baked a kek for her son’s birthday and accidentally smashed the whole thing!! 😭

So I baked her a last minute kek and we put a teletubby on it. His favourite yellow one! 🤣

So anyway back to her organic soaps! She brought some samples in a few different scents for us to sniff sniff look look and zomg, they were all so pretty?!

Is it even weird that I want to eat them?? Look like kueh sia!! And they smell, SO. GOOD.

My favourite one was the lavender and coconut bar!! Legit sound like can eat wtf 🤤

Textures 😍😍

Lemme show you some more from her IG page ( purely out of my own accord lol cos I’m obsessed with the colours.

It’s cray.

这能吃的吗!! 😛😛

Flavours are aplenty too! Wait, I mean scents HAHAHAHA is it really want to eat lol 🤦🏻‍♀️

There’s eucalyptus, cedarwood, tea tree, lemongrass, grapefruit, rose, lavender, lime, etc etc etc. LIKE MANY SCENTS I kent even rmb alr 😆

Some really remind me of a spa! Showering with those confirm every day feel like going for a spa or massage fml lol 🤣

What’s even more amazing is Linda also DESIGNS jewellery for aroma therapy (@luxeairewellness) & her husband MAKES them wtf yes you read it right cos Linda can’t sacrifice her manicure so HER HUSBAND makes them!!! 🙀🙀

If you look closely, these jewellery all come with a ball shaped locket where you can keep a little furry sponge ball inside!

So what you do is, drip a few drops of your preferred essential oils on it so you can literally ‘wear your scent’!

And the locket charms are Pandora compatible hehe 😏😏

I’m actually not a necklace person (I don’t even wear one on a regular basis!!) but Linda picked a really simple one and encouraged me to try it on 😅

And I actually like it! I’m in love with the simplicity of the design cos the stoppers (those 4 beads) are adjustable, so the style is actually very versatile!

And it’s not too chunky nor chingchong plus it doesn’t makes my neck look fatter than it alr is! Since I’m probably wearing a simple gown on my wedding day, sth like this would be perf! #dayrebrides can consider!! 🙂

Can’t wait to meet Linda again to customise one for my wedding day!! 🤩

Wedding meeting ended late cos we got too carried away with all the nice things 🤩🤩

Grabbed Burger King for lunch in the car and we drove to our next meeting destination lol. It was a mad rush that day!! 🚗💨

All the way to Ubi to settle Ahlao’s car insurance thing lolol.

Why here, cos Ling works here & her boss is Ahlec’s bro and also now Ahpei’s friend after they were all groomsmen together 😂

As you can see, Ben is very camera shy HAHAHA.

But it was really easier to speak with someone you know to give you the best advice with more transparency hehe. Ben was really helpful and we were done in a while cos he’d be helping us settle everything! 👍🏼

Since we were around the area, we dropped by Star Living to look at furniture but unfortunately the selection there was quite limited and we didn’t really see anything we like! 😦

Spent the afternoon looking at a few more shops, ran some work errands with ahlao, before chionging all the way back to the north to have dinner with the family.

My aunt made Assam Laksa & invited us over!

Her laksa is to die for 🤤🤤🤤

I was so excited to finally let Ahpei try her cooking and he loved it!! 😁

We had such a gud time feasting, talking & laughing. It was a very nice Sunday 💓💓

Full attendance including Boss! It was perf ❤️

The next day was a Monday and we all took time off work to spend the day with boss!

Had lunch at Astons! The express lunch is too worth it lolol. $13.9 for our mains and we get to eat EVERYTHING from the salad bar.

Only thing is, you have to eat within an hour. Which is quite comfortable and more than enough actually 💁🏻‍♀️

They even have tortilla chips & guac! 🥑

But coriander haters beware, this one got damn a lot :(( I kena one stem and I died wtf.

Grilled fish was bagus.

Grilled chicken thigh WAS BAGUS 🤤

Despite the reallyyyyy hot weather, we brought her to walk walk around the Marina Bay area. As if she’s not tan enough 😆😆

With Mahoo! 😊

And laoniang wo.

Headed to Gardens By The Bay & it was so pretty 😍😍

I love Singapore so much 🇸🇬

It was so hot that nya nya’s glasses turned black 😂😂

Typical Filipino helper pose – touch flower 🤣🤣 @missanpan @jieyiwong

We always make fun of boss for taking pictures with plants and tree since we were kids HAHAHAHA damn mean but it never gets old 😂

Self sacrificial big face selfie.

Wtf stand at the back also biggest face I give up 🤷🏻‍♀️


If you can’t tell, we are sisters 😂

Actually the three of us don’t look alike at all (IMO) and tbh we’ve never gotten those “omg you look like your sister!!” comments from anyone yet lol.

It’s like I don’t look like ling, ling doesn’t look like Mahoo, and Mahoo doesn’t look like me. And we don’t look like our parents too 😂😂


We were joking about coming up with a hashtag for bias and Nya nya killed us with the #NaiInSing suggestion BAHAHAHA. Zomg we legit hyperventilate for five minutes.


She was literally holding her pee in cos she couldn’t stop laughing!!!! She just kept wheezing 🤣🤣

Boss’s last day was quite short since we only had the afternoon with her..

Well actually nya nya accompanied her back to Bukit Panjang to visit her old friends (back in the days they waited outside our primary school gate tgt HAHA) in the morning haha but I was sleeping oops 🤭

Lunched at 新旺 & we surprised nya nya and boss with an advance birthday celebration! 🎂

Happy birthday (again) 我的妈妈 🙆🏻‍♀️❤️

Aww time to go in 😦

Bringing home an extra bag even though she only stayed four days 😂

The folks randomly wanted a picture with these dogs HAHAHA so I grant their wish 🐶

Awwwww final family portrait before boss went in. Time passed so quickly this time la 😭

But it was really great reconnecting with her after so long!! ❤️

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