Hello there!

I live in Singapore and I bake and decorate cakes for a living. I call a cake a kek. That’s inspired by my grandmother because I once asked her what she’d like for her birthday and she said, “Stawbelli kek!” haha. I am the proud founder of Goobycakes, a small bakery located in Everton Park, named after, well, my dog Gooby.

As his dedicated and slightly obsessed dog mami, I love spending time with him doing absolutely nothing. Just looking at his butt when he’s walking around makes me so happy and contented. And oh I love booping his big black nose! When I leave the house for work, I am the one with separation anxiety. Don’t get me started on my dog voice. Sometimes I bark with him too.

When I’m not at work, I cook. And eat. A lot. Home is my favourite place to be, kitchen is my territory HAHAHA. Growing up, me and my two younger sisters were taught the importance of eating together and our family always bonded over good food. And good food can be anything my Nya Nya cooks. I am forever inspired by her.

My dad always tells us not to waste food; he is so very alike with my Ahlao in every aspect, especially this. Ahlao is my biggest fan and he eats EVERYTHING I cook. And I really mean everything. There is not a thing he dislikes when it comes to food and he literally eats anything and everything. If you’ve been a loyal stalker, you would’ve seen him devour even the pork bones I use for making soups lol.

I love travelling. Some of the best places I’ve been to are Nepal, Maldives and Australia. I prefer travelling to countries with lots of nature and wildlife. Someday I would like to visit Alaska to see aurora borealis and find Bus 142 where Christopher McCandless spent his last days.

I am a huge, like HUGE collector of ‘kitchen things’. I buy plates, bowls, serving trays, water pitchers, cups, you name it. I cannot resist anything that has cupcake print on it. When I step into Daiso, it’s like some mysterious force overcomes me and I start taking out $2 bills and hand them to the cashier.. #truestory

The best decision I ever made was to adopt Gooby, my miniature schnauzer. Our first meeting was super memorable – he barfed all over me in the car, twice. I had dog food in between my toes. Since then, he has become such an important part of my life; I never thought I could love anything or anyone this much. He is the one I think about all day, the one I want to see when I return home, the one I hug to sleep every single night. I love it when he licks my face and I return his affection with lots of kisses (please don’t tell my dad). I talk to him in a weird voice that my family and best friend cannot tolerate but I swear he understands. Sometimes I FaceTime Gooby when I’m at work.

I am probably the awkwardest person you will ever meet. I feel uncomfortable around new people and am horrible at making conversations. But once I start talking, I might tell you my entire life story.

You may bribe me with ramen, yong tau foo or anything matcha.

Oh, and I am in love with trees.🌳