I is very happy today.

A few days ago, I baked & decorated a set of cupcakes for a marriage proposal. (She said yes btw!)

Today, the customer came back with his fiancée to order more cakes for their ROM.

I met them & there's this warm fuzzy feeling; like Goobycakes will be part of their journey :')

I can't put down my earphones because Ed Sheeran is too good. #qualitymusic

On the MRT now and boy is the population aging!! I have been cabbing a lot and I am pretty shocked at the amount of elderly on the train. Not enough seats for them!!

Sunday evening. Lovely atmosphere with the big fam at Mama's (grandma) place. 😃 I've missed so much family time ever since the shop. Can't wait for the series of year end celebrations (and feasting) with them!

Abandoned my salad for this. Mama's house is a food trap. @missanpan you made the right decision not to come over HAHA.

#whyotahsonice #eatfirstthensay

Really really really REALLY hate it when I scroll my FB feed and see disfigured faces, deformed babies, gaping wounds etc. STOP SHARING THESE PHOTOS AND SPOIL MY DAY COS IT WON'T HELP THE VICTIMS IF THERE ARE MORE LIKES (IF YOU HAVE A BRAIN). At least post a warning if you really need to share it so people can be prepared about the shit they're gonna see.


Dinner at 49 seats. Rare but I'm not taking photo of the food (cos it was meh) so here's a photo of ma mates instead 😉

The service.. Ok skip.

Desserts was at PS Cafe & I freaking love this place. Second time here and I still didn't taste the fries. There's always next time 😉

Laughed so much till my eyeliner smudged. Good ol #hengheng still funny as ever :') Thanks for the great night @cloudsdiary @karenkay! 👹

Btw I broke record and was in a cab 4 times today. #justsaying #moneyflyaway

On the way to the shop. Paying $15 bucks for extra 2 hours of lazing in bed with bubu – so very totally worth it 🐶❤️

*Cabbie has a photo of sexy model peeking at him while he drives 😂

Cupcake shoot with ma mate Jiahui today! We've known each other since our RV days & he's grown from a super talented ah beng to a super talented designer! (Boss if you're reading this I'm totally kidding) 😋

Anyway, Jiahui now owns Fable – you may check out his amazing design & branding work at http://www.fable.sg (you are welcome laoban)


Cabs are amazing because they help me teleport

I did it! Yay!

I know, I know, they're supposed to look like little fruits but, alas, I have no talent (actually patience) to mold them by hand so I took the easy (actually lazy) route & made colorful rainbow balls! 😁

Still cute. So here's my bowl of Look Choop! Not bad for a first attempt, but I think they can be better & I will only sell the BEST 😉

Give me more time to experiment! Meanwhile, you are welcome to drop by and ask for samples of my first batch! 😉 Lots to give away!


Why so act blur?!!

Enjoying my afternoon snack after making 362946358 angry birds. Now I'm kinda angry. 😂

Btw, got these super sweet Korean persimmons from Giant. They were like 5 for $2.45! I grabbed 15. #persimmonqueen

May May just told me I talk in my dreams. FML.

Playing pretend 101: Pretend to float on an imaginary ocean with cute dog on belly. 🌊

My pool raft finally arrived in the mail! A little sad that they sent an orange instead of the neon yellow one! 😦 Oh well. Inflated it and we tried lying on it together ❤️

#countingdowntomaldives #cannotfreakingwait

Sold out cakes, heading home early to make Look Choop for the family 🙂

It'll be my first attempt, wish me luck! If they turn out good, I'll bring some to the shop to sell tmr! 😁

For the first time in my life, I baked a cake. It's a Matcha Azuki cake; Mummy's favorite flavor!

I gave it to her as a surprise (no special occasion, I just wanted to show her my love – I'm romantic like that) & she was really touched!


Whee! Finally put up the tassel garland I made the other day. Now I know why people are paying $80 bucks for this (even though it's paper & a string) cos I made it from scratch and it's TOO DAMN MUCH WORK.

But I kind of like the freedom of making something myself, since I am very particular about the measurements, colors, thickness etc. Love the result, the shop looks a little more ready for Christmas now. Oh, I still need to get a tree.. 😉

Just saw a bawling kid outside the hair salon. He was on the floor screaming & crying at the same time, and his jaded folks just stood there, unable to do anything.

I shudder at the thought of kids like that.

Will I ever have a child?

Home for dinner. Nya Nya made Bak Kut Teh shiok maxxxxxx.

More rice please! 🙋